Kujo with His Squad

The Exclusive Kujo T-Shirt Design
KUJO - How Can You Resist?!
On Point

Compare Kujo's size to the little boy...
who is not all that far away!  Big dog

Kujo getting ready to howl...

The boys and their Kujo.

That is one big dog!

Kujo is always right there for his Marines.
Kujo makes the other dogs keep their distance...

Taking a break from the 120 degree heat...
Kujo knows where he belongs.
Part of the team.
Yep, that's our Kujo!
But he's a sweetie with a puppy...
that's John Wayne, another 81 puppy that's 
found a home in Afghanistan.

One door closed, another one opened . . . 
with your help!
Safe at the shelter...and as lovable as ever!


From Afghanistan to the United States, 
a reward for Kujo's loyalty and service.

The road to Kujo's new home.

Kujo's new family and friends eagerly awaiting him...

And Kujo's new swimming hole!

Semper Fidelis

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