Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Kujo Joins His New Family!

On Tuesday, November 16th, I got another call, this once not a request for a help, but a joyful call from Kujo's new mom in central Texas.  Kujo had arrived at the Houston airport, been greeted by his new friends and family, and proceeded to make himself at home!

Valerie, Kujo's new mom, said they first saw him lying down in his dog carrier, quietly awaiting his new family.  When they called his name, he got up and poked his nose out of the cage, sooooo happy that someone knew his name and was there to greet him.  He came happily out of his carrier, patiently waited to have a leash attached to the collar his Marines had placed on him in Afghanistan, then jogged happily around the parking lot with Stan, his new dad.

He reportedly took over the whole back seat of the car, sniffing the strange new smells out of the windows left slightly open for him.  Occasionally, he tried to crawl into the front seat to cuddle with his new mom, but seemed willing to wait until they arrived at home.  He was eager to meet his fellow dogs (two Heelers).  They are still a little unsure of him (can't blame them -- Kujo probably outweighs them by 40 pounds and is twice as tall), but we're confident they will soon figure out Kujo is truly just one big puppy.

Stan kindly spoke directly to Andy to tell him how Kujo was doing, and let Andy "talk" to Kujo on the phone.  Apparently Kujo's tail was madly wagging as he heard from one of his Marine buddies.  Over the next few days, Kujo will get a thorough vet exam and receive a microchip to ensure his safety if lost, and advice and counsel from an experienced local rescue vet about training to help him settle in to his new home.

Reportedly Kujo was so happy to be in his new home that he joyfully sang (howled) for awhile -- you can blame his Marines for that, who taught him that as one of their favorite tricks.  He's sleeping on a Marine Corps pillow, probably wondering how he got so lucky!

He'll be featured on a follow-up video segment on KWTX, which we'll post here as soon as it's available.  We've already posted a few homecoming photos you'll enjoy.  At least one of his Marines, my son, Andy, will be visiting Kujo in late January.  Two "boys,"  home safe from combat. Nothing could make a mom happier!

I cannot thank Nowzad Dogs and MarineParents enough.  Without MarineParents, I never would have found a way to save Kujo, nor gotten the word out, nor collected so many donations.  Without Nowzad Dogs, Kujo would not have been rescued at all.  They are so committed to rescuing the troops' companions, and work miracles to get them out of harm's way, and home safely.  Please help me thank both groups by making them your favored charities.

And I don't even know what to say to Valerie and Stan, who volunteered within 24 hours of reading about Kujo to take him into their home and hearts, sight unseen, just because a Marine mom asked.  We've never met, but I know I love them.

And to my son, Andy... I am so proud of you, Boy.  All of you loved Kujo, but YOU took the lead to do whatever it took to save Kujo.  You are my hero.


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